Husn Chords by Anuv Jain 2023

[F] [C]
[E]Aaaa [Am]Aaaa[G]

[F]Dekho Dekho Kaisi baatein yahan ki
[C]Hain saath par Hain saath na bhi
[E]Kya itni aasaan [Am]hain?[G]

[F]Dekho Dekho Jaise mere iraaday
[C]Waise kahaan Tere yahan the
[E]Haan kitni naadan [Am]main[G]

Mere [F]husn ke ilawa
Kabhi [C]dil bhi maang lo[G] na
Haye [F]pal mein
Main pighal jaun [G]haan

Ab [F]aisa na karo
Ke [C]dil judna paye [G]wapis
Teri [F]baaton
Se bikhar jaun [G]haan

[F]Mana zamana hai deewana
[C]Isilye tune na jana
[E]Tere liye main
Kaafi [Am]hoon[G]

[F]Dekho Dekho Yeh zamane se thak kar
[C]Atey ho kyun masoom ban kar?
[E]Tere liye main
Kya hi [Am]hoon?[G]

Phir [F]aatey kyun yahan Karne [C]aankhon
mein Ho [G]baarish?
Ab [F]aye
Toh theher jao [G]na

Aur [F]poocho na zara
Mere [C]din ke bare mein[G] bhi
Bas [F]itne mein Sambhal jaun [G]haan

Haan ek [F]din Kabhi [Am]koi
Jab bhi [F]padhe Kahani te[C]ri
Lagta [E]mujhe Mere naam [Am]ka
Zikr [F]kahin Bhi hoga [G]nahin

Main [Am]yahin
Meri yeh [F]aankhon mein
Aankhon mein toh [G]dekho

Dekho yeh [C]dil ka haal kya
Hothon se [Am]hota na bayan
Meri yeh [F]aankhon mein
Aankhon mein toh [G]dekho

Kaisa [C]naseeb hai mera
Milke bhi [Am]na mujhe mila
Meri yeh [F]aankhon mein
Aankhon mein toh [G]dekho

Teri a[C]dhuri si wafa
Maangu main [Am]maangu aur na
Meri yeh [F]aankhon mein
Aankhon mein toh [G]dekho

[F]Dekho Dekho Kaisi kheenchi lakeerein
[C]Chahe bhi dil toh bhi na jeete
[E]Main iss daur mein [Am]nahin[G]

[F]Dekho Dekho Kaisi baatein yahan ki
[C]Baatein yahi dekhoon jahan bhi
[E]Main is daur se [Am]nahin

Husn Chords by Anuv Jain 2023

husn chords

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Husn Chords scale: F major

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“Husn Chords” by Anuv Jain. This is a perfect example of when a man flawlessly expresses how a woman feels. Here are some things I can tell you about it:

Meaning and Themes:

  • Beauty beyond the physical: The title “Husn” translates to “beauty,” but the song goes beyond physical beauty. It explores the yearning for a deeper connection, a meeting of hearts and souls. The lyrics express a desire to be loved for who one truly is, not just for their appearance.
  • Duality of love: The song captures the push-and-pull of love. There’s a sense of being physically close but emotionally distant, of wanting more than just surface-level connection. The line “Hain saath par, hain saath naa bhi” (“We’re together, but not together”) perfectly encapsulates this feeling.
  • Vulnerability and longing: The song is full of vulnerability, expressing the fear of being hurt and the longing for love that truly understands and cherishes. The chorus pleads, “Mere husn ke ilaawa kabhi dil bhi maang lo naa” (“Along with my beauty, don’t you ever ask for my heart?”), highlighting the desire for a love that goes beyond the surface.

Music and Style:

  • Soulful and melancholic: The music is soulful and melancholic, reflecting the emotional depth of the lyrics. The piano and Anuv’s voice create a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.
  • Touches of electronic sounds: Some versions of the song, like the “Gravero & Priyansh Flip,” add electronic beats and melodies, giving it a more contemporary and danceable feel while retaining the emotional core.
  • Scale of Husn Chords: F Major

Popularity and Impact of Husn Chords:

  • Widely loved and critically acclaimed: “Husn” has been praised for its beautiful melody, relatable lyrics, and Anuv’s soulful performance. It has been streamed millions of times and is popular for weddings and other special occasions.
  • Expressed in different formats: The song is available in various formats, including the official music video, audio-only versions, and live performances. Each format offers a slightly different experience, allowing listeners to connect with the song in their way.

Anuv Jain playing Husn Chords on Guitar

Feel free to ask me more specific questions about the song, its meaning, or its impact. I’m happy to dive deeper!

I hope Husn Chords were easy to play. Please comment below to request other song chords.


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