Roja Janeman Chords from Roja 1992

[E]Roja [B]Jaaneman, [E]Tu Dil [B]Ki Dhakan,
[E]Tujh Bin [A]Tarse [B]Naina,
[E]Dil Se Na [B]Jati Hai, [E]Yaade Tum[B]Hari,
[E]Kaise [A]Tum Bin [B]Jeena.
[E]Aankhome Tu [B]Hai, [E]Aansome Tu [B]Hai.
[E]Aankhe Band Kar [B]Lu, To [E]Man Me Bhi Tu [B]Hai
[E]Khwabome Tu, [Am]Saasome Tu [B]Roja…

[E]Roja [B]Jaaneman, [E]Tu Dil [B]Ki Dhakan,
[E]Tujh Bin [A]Tarse [B]Naina,

[E]Chuke Yu Cha[B]Li Hawa, [E]Jaise Chuu Ga[B]Ye Ho Tum
[E]Phool Jo Khi[B]Le The Woh, [E]Shool Ban Ga[B]Ye Hai Kyu
[E]Jee Raha Hu [A]Isliye, [E]Dil Me Pyar [A]Hai Tera
[E]Zulm Seh Ra[A]Ha Hu Kyu, [E]Intezaar [A]Hai Tera
[E]Tum Se Mi[B]Le Bina, [E]Jaan Bhi Na [B]Jayegi
[E]Qayamat Se [B]Pehle, [E]Samne Tu [B]Aayegi
[E]Kaha Hai Tu, [A]Kaisi Hai Tu, [B]Roja…

[E]Roja [B]Jaaneman, [E]Tu Dil [B]Ki Dhakan,
[E]Tujh Bin [A]Tarse [B]Naina
[E]Aankhome Tu [B]Hai, [E]Aansome Tu [B]Hai
[E]Aankhe Band Kar [B]Lu, To [E]Man Me Bhi Tu [B]Hai
[E]Kaha Hai Tu, [Am]Kaisi Hai Tu [B]Roja…

[E]Thandi Thandi [B]Ay Hawa, [E]Tera Kaam [B]Kya Yaha
[E]Meet Nahi [B]Paas Me [E]Chandni Tu [B]Laut Ja
[E]Phool Kyu [A]Khile Ho Tum [E]Zulf Nahi [A]Vo Yaha
[E]Jhuke Jhuke [A]Aasmaan [E]Meri Hansi [A]Na Uda
[E]Pyaar Ke Bi[B]Na Meri, [E]Zindagi U[B]Daas Hai
[E]Koi Nahi [B]Hai Mera, [E]Sirf Teri [B]Aas Hai
[E]Khwabome Tu, [Am]Saasome Tu [B]Roja…

[E]Roja [B]Jaaneman, [E]Tu Dil [B]Ki Dhakan,
[E]Tujh Bin [A]Tarse [B]Naina
[E]Aankhome Tu [B]Hai, [E]Aansome Tu [B]Hai
[E]Aankhe Band Kar [B]Lu, To [E]Man Me Bhi Tu [B]Hai
[E]Khwabome Tu, [Am]Saasome Tu [B]Roja…

Roja Janeman Chords

Roja Janeman Chords

Roja Janeman Chords Scale: [E]

About the Song

“Roja Jaaneman” is a song from the 1992 Indian Tamil-language romantic thriller Roja. It was composed by A. R. Rahman and sung by Hariharan. The song is a soulful ballad about a man’s love for his wife.

The song is set in Kashmir, where the man works as a cryptographer for the Indian Army. Militants kidnap him, and his wife, Roja, sets out to find him. The song is sung from the man’s perspective, and he expresses his love for Roja and his hope that she will find him.

The song is a beautiful and moving expression of love and hope. It is one of the most iconic songs from Roja, and many artists have covered it.

About the movie

Roja is a 1992 Indian Tamil-language romantic thriller written and directed by Mani Ratnam. The film stars Arvind Swamy as Rishi Kumar, a cryptographer working for the Indian Army, and Madhubala as Roja, a young woman from a village in Tamil Nadu. The film follows the couple’s journey after Rishi is kidnapped by militants in Kashmir.

Roja was a critical and commercial success and is considered one of the most essential films in Indian cinema. The film was praised for its realistic portrayal of the Kashmir conflict, strong performances, and A. R. Rahman’s soundtrack.

The film’s title, Roja, is the Tamil word for “rose”. The rose symbolizes love, and the film explores the relationship between Roja and Rishi. The film also deals with patriotism, national identity, and the conflict between tradition and modernity.

Roja is a beautifully shot film with stunning visuals of Kashmir. The film’s music is also iconic, with songs like “Chinna Chinna Aasai” and “Dil Se Re” becoming instant hits.

The film’s performances are also excellent. Arvind Swamy is as charming as Rishi, and Madhubala is as luminous as Roja. The supporting cast is also strong, with Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, and Raghuvaran all giving memorable performances.

Roja is a powerful and moving film that will stay with you long after seeing it. It is a film about love, loss, and the power of the human spirit.

Overall, Roja is a must-see film for anyone interested in Indian cinema. It is a beautifully made film with a strong story and excellent performances.

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