Pani Da Rang Chords from Vicky Donor 2012

Pani[Em] da rang[D] vekh ke [Three Times]
[C]Akhiyaan jo[D] hanjju rud[Em]de
[C]Akhiyaan jo[D] hanjju rud[Em]de

[Em]Mahiyaa na aya mera
[D]Maahiya naa aya
[Em]Mahiyaa na aya mera
[D]Maahiya naa aya
[C]Ranjhana na aya mera
[D]Mahiyaa na aayaa…
[C]Mahiyaa naa aya mera
[Em]Ranjhnaa na aya…

Ankhaan[Em] daa noor[D] vekhke
Ankkhan[Em] daa noor[D] vekh ke
[C]Ankhiyaan jo[D] hanjhu rudd[Em] de
[C]Ankhiyaan jo[D] hanjju rudd[Em] de
[C]Ankhiyaan jo[D] hanjhu rudd[Em] de


[Em]Kamli ho gyi tere bina
[D]Aja ranjan mere…
[Em]Kamlli ho gyi tere bina
[D]Ajaa ranjann mere…
[C]Baarish-barkhaa sb kch bh gyi
[D]Aya ni zind[Em] mere…
[C]Baarish barkhaa sb kch bh gyi
[D]Aaya ni zind[Em] mere…

Ankkhaan[Em] da noor[D] vekh ke…
Ankhaaan[Em] da noor[D] vekh ke….
[C]Ankkhiyaan ch[D] hanjhu rudd[Em] de
[C]Ankkhiyaan ch[D] hanjju rudd[Em] de
[C]Ankkhiyaan ch[D] hanjhu rudd[Em] de

[Em]kothey-uttey be ke
[D]Ankhhiyaan milaundey
[C]Na ja naa[D] hume tu kawi[Em] chodd..
[Em]Tere uttey marda
[D]Pyr tenu krda
[C]Millega [D] tujhe na koi[Em] aur

Tu vi[Em] aa sbko chodd[D]ke
Tu vi[Em] aa sbko chodd[D]ke

[C]Ankkhiyaa ch[D] hanju rudd[Em] dey
[C]Ankhhiyaa ch[D] hanju rudd[Em] dey
Pani[Em] da rang[D] vekh ke [x3]

[C]Ankhiyaan cho[D] hanju rudd[Em] dey
[C]Ankhiyaan cho[D] hanju rudd[Em] de…
[C]Ankhiyaan cho[D] hanju rudd[Em] de…
[C]Ankhiyaan cho[D] hanju rudd[Em] dey

Pani Da Rang chords

About the Song:

“Pani Da Rang” is a song from the 2012 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy Vicky Donor. It was composed by Ayushmann Khurrana and Rochak Kohli and sung by Ayushmann Khurrana. The song is a soulful ballad about a man’s longing for his lover.

The song is set in a small Punjab town where the man works as a doctor. He is in love with Ashima, but she is engaged to be married to another man. The song is sung from the man’s perspective, and he expresses his sadness and regret over losing Ashima.

The song is a beautiful and moving expression of love and loss. It is one of the most iconic songs from Vicky Donor, and many artists have covered it.

The scale of Pani Da Rang chords : Em

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About the movie:

Vicky Donor is a 2012 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by actor John Abraham in his maiden production venture with Sunil Lulla under Eros International and Ronnie Lahiri under Rising Sun Films. The film stars Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gautam, with Annu Kapoor and Dolly Ahluwalia in pivotal roles. The concept is set against sperm donation and infertility within a Bengali-Punjabi household. Both Ayushmann and Yami made their film debut through this film.

pani da rang chords

Pani da rang chords.

The film follows Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana), a carefree young man recruited by Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), a fertility expert, to become a sperm donor. Vicky becomes a successful donor, but his secret is revealed to his love interest, Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam), leading to complications in their relationship.

Vicky Donor was a critical and commercial success and is considered one of the most essential films in Hindi cinema. The film was praised for its realistic portrayal of a taboo subject, strong performances, and music.

The film’s success is credited with breaking the stigma surrounding sperm donation in India. The film also sparked a debate about the ethics of sperm donation and the rights of donor children.

Vicky Donor is a landmark film that has had a lasting impact on Indian cinema. The film’s success paved the way for other films dealing with sensitive and entertainingly taboo subjects.

I Hope Pani da rang chords were easy to play. Please comment on any other chords.

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